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Resizing Text

To change the size of the text on this website all you need do is hold down the ctrl key and then press either the plus or minus keys. Plus + will make the text bigger and minus - will make it smaller.

Access Key Navigation

This site uses access keys. Access keys are keyboard shortcuts on a web site that give a user quick and easy access to areas of a site using the keyboard instead of the mouse.
If you are using Windows press the ALT key in combination with the access key to select that specific link on the page. Press Enter to activate that link.

If you are using a Macintosh pressing the CTRL key in combination with the access key will send you to that specific page.

The following are the access keys used on this site:

Home = h
About = a
News = n
Resources = r
Areas = s
Contact = c
Access = o

Please note: Your browser may or may not support access keys.

Word Bank

What is Word Bank?
Word Bank is a software package that helps people make more sense of difficult words and jargon on the internet.
Turn Word Bank ON in the top right hand corner of the web page.
When Word Bank is ON difficult words change colour and have a dashed underline. Use the link to see a popup window explaining words with easy-to-read text, a movie and a voice recording.
You can change the text size.
You can close the popup window by clicking on the X in the top right corner or 'Close this window' link at the bottom of the popup window.

Word-Bank is an accessibility tool by enabledlondon.com

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