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Aims of Jobs First
Jobs First was set up to demonstrate how people with learning disabilities can use their social care personal budget, alongside appropriate funding streams such as Access to Work, to buy the support they need to get and keep a job.

The project is working within seven demonstration sites (some of which are the same as Getting a Life), to prioritise paid employment for the people taking part. Having a real job helps people to be included and lead a healthy, positive life.
By the end of March 2011, Jobs First aims to have achieved:

How does the Project work?
Seven demonstration sites have been selected to take part in the project:

In each demonstration site, 20 adults with moderate to severe learning disabilities will have an employment-focused review of their support package. They will consider how to use their money differently to support employment goals. No support plans will be signed off that don’t have employment as a priority goal.

The project started in April 2010 and the project will run until the end of March 2011.

Each demonstration site has a cross-agency project team including people and agencies that can help make the pathway to work easier for people using individual budgets.

Development and support for Jobs First sites

Jobs First sites will receive project management support from the Jobs First Manager, who will feed into the Valuing Employment Now steering group. Sites will also benefit from coaching and training from experts in the field in the following areas:

Case study example

The first Jobs First job was achieved in October 2010. The individual is 41 years old and had been pursuing a range of leisure activities and a training course paid for through his social care budget. He used his employment focused review to divert funds from his social care budget into paying for employment support through MiEnterprise. He has now set up a market stall and sells local produce at a community centre. His business has been very successful to date and he now pursues his leisure activities in the evenings and pays for this with his wages.

Further information

For further information please contact Susan Allott, Jobs First Manager:
[email protected]

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