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The Getting a Life team, including local project leaders, the national programme managers, met in London on the 16-17 December to network, problem-solve and find out more about customised supported employment and the pathway to employment for the young people in the Getting a Life sites.









The sessions on the 17 December focused on customised supported employment as a way of securing employment for people with severe learning disabilities, and an evidence-based “pathway” to employment showing all the steps needed to ensure a young person leaves school or college and goes into a real job.

Charlotte Spencer,
Valuing People Team Leader

The problem-solving session kicked off the first afternoon with discussion groups about self-employment, 16+ education and training, working with employers and Individual Budgets and personalisation. People from Learning and Skills Council (LSC), Department of Health, Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities (FPLD) and miEnterprise, as well as Mike Callahan and Anne O’Bryan led the discussion groups.

During the day, the participants worked in self-managing table groups to discuss the local implications of the presentations, and to plan what they will be doing in 2010 to ensure that young people in their areas go into jobs and get full lives.

The event gave the national programme managers lots of ideas about the barriers that young people still face, what the development programme for the sites will include in 2010 and how the Valuing Employment Now strategy and cross-government team can help.

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Getting a Life event, 16-17 December 2009