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On 8th October, 14 young people and their parents met up at the Link Centre, Oldham’s Independent Living Centre, to talk about the Getting a Life programme and how they could influence real change for their lives.

In the Family Leadership Group, Linda Jordan, joint programme manager for Getting A Life, talked about the programme , and everyone discussed how to make sure young people with learning disabilities, including those with complex needs, could leave school or college and go on to have full lives and jobs.  The group talked about:

As a result, parents and colleagues from different agencies in Oldham will be attending a presentation from Mike Callahan in December, to discuss how Systematic Instruction Techniques and Customised Employment has benefited young people with learning disabilities in America.

Young people
The 14 young people talked about the important things in their lives – what they like doing, who they like spending time with and who they look up to.  They also thought about what they would spend their money on if they won the lottery.  Ideas included “a mansion in Jamaica”, “music concerts” and “driving a car” as well as holidays all across the world in New York, LA, Iceland and Spain.  This exercise helped all the young people to think about what was important to them and their dreams and aspirations, as a starting point to think about actions to get the lives they want.

When everyone met up in the evening, all of the young people enjoyed telling their parents what they had been doing.  Everyone has something to say and some people supported others to tell the group what was important to them.

The Oldham Getting a Life group will meet again in January 2010.

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